about meAbout Me

Senior Graphic Design Specialist with 15+ years of experience in the management of the complete design process, from conceptualization to delivery.
Strong problem solving skills, self-motivated, hard-working and dedicated with a desire to learn.
Outstanding interpersonal skills, aptitude for team work and ability to handle multiple tasks.
Skilled with Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop) Microsoft Office and 3D Studio Max.

work experienceWork Experience

Animaciones Iconos C.A. (Caracas, Venezuela)
Founded in 1991 by Andrés and Ricardo Maduro to provide services in the area of digital media: video post-production, animation in 2 and 3 dimensions.
In 1996 began designing and development of software solutions for the Intranet/Internet, dedicating completely to this area until 2016.
Owner - General Manager Jan 1991 – Nov 2016

  • Management of the design and development departments, in charge of 2 designers and 10 computer engineers.
  • Design, production, post-production and 3D animation of several institutional videos for LAGOVEN, one of the principal oil production companies in Venezuela.
  • Lead in the development and design of the UI and characters for educational games in partnership with Merlin Interactive Systems. 1995 - 2010
  • Post-production, compositing, 2D and 3D animation for several TV commercials and institutional videos for several clients and publicity agencies.
  • Supervise the assessment of all graphic materials in order to ensure the quality and accuracy in the design
  • Recommended and consulted with clients on the most appropriate graphic design options based on their overall marketing goals.
  • Conceptualization, design, development and maintenance of the web pages for the following clients beside others:
  1. Design, development and maintenance of the web site for Canal SONY Latam 2007-2009.
  2. Lead in a team of 5 in charge of maintaining the web page up to date for the ever changing requirements of the client.
  3. Design, development and maintenance of the web site for Concurso Latinamérican Idol 2007. Guaranteed to keep the site and servers up to date for the live presentation of the show on TV.
  4. Design, development and maintenance of the web site for AXN Film Festival years 2007 - 2008 -2009
    Minisites for Canal Sony Latam (Lost, CSI, No Ordinary Family, Call Me Fitz, SONY 15 Years) 2007 - 2015
  5. Design, development and maintenance of the news and info portal for CiclismoTotal Venezuela and Spain (2006 – present)
  6. Design, development and maintenance of the web site for Greenwood Dermatology Associates Practice (2008 – present)


Instituto de Diseño de Caracas (Caracas Venezuela)
Graphic Designer degree, mention Illustrator
Jun 1989

Pro Diseño (Caracas Venezuela)
Graphic Designer degree.
May 1991